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Linen Care

Ensure your Egyptian cotton sheets get the best possible care by having the right washer and dryer, suitable stain-removing materials and a solid laundry detergent and other cleaning supplies.


Cleaning Supplies for Egyptian Cotton Sheets

A key aspect to consider when caring for your Egyptian cotton sheets, even if those sheets are white, is that it’s better not to use laundry detergents containing bleach. Bleach is harsh on the soft fibres of Egyptian cotton and can damage them or cause them to wear out over time.

With white Egyptian cotton sheets, use a laundry detergent that brightens whites without using bleach. Many major manufacturers offer different varieties, so you should be able to find a suitable detergent from your favourite brand without much trouble.

Another advantage of using detergents that contain alternatives to bleach is that they can also safely be used on coloured and patterned Egyptian cotton sheets, helping them to look pristine even after regular washings.

OXY Clean is another option for whitening, but refrain from using it with every wash. Chlorine-free bleaches are another option, and while they shouldn’t be used too often, they can help revitalize faded sheets.


Other Egyptian Cotton Sheet Cleaning Supplies

While a quality laundry detergent is important, we also recommend using dryer sheets and fabric softener to ensure your sheets look and feel great. Standard fabric softeners, however, contain conditioners that can damage Egyptian cotton’s fine fibres. With that in mind, we recommend turning to a specially formulated fabric softener that will keep the fibres in your sheets from stiffening up with repeat washing. Look for eco-friendly “green” fabric softeners that are free of those harsh chemicals. Felted wool balls are also a great alternative to dryer sheets. They do the same job but without chemicals that accompany standard dryer sheets, which makes them ideal for use on Egyptian cotton sheets.


Washing Egyptian Cotton Sheets

While sheets of Egyptian cotton can be laundered in a similar fashion as sheets of other materials, there are a few key things to remember to avoid wear and damage.

Pre-Treat the Sheets

Any stains in Egyptian cotton sheets should be treated before washing — this is important. You will not be using harsh detergents, hot water or heavy cycles to clean Egyptian cotton, which is standard for washing everyday materials. A few of the best stain-removing products are baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.

Launder Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Separately Do not wash Egyptian cotton sheets with anything else. Putting them in the laundry with other items such as clothing can lead to damaging the sheets, including tears from zippers. Placing your sheets in large loads can also cause tangling and further damage.

Use Less than the Recommended Amount of Detergent

Avoid using a large amount of laundry detergent when washing your Egyptian cotton sheets. Generally, using a bit less than the recommended amount of detergent should suffice. If deep cleaning is required, try a gentle, natural laundry detergent that will wash the sheets without causing damage.

Always Wash on Cold and Gentle Cycles

When washing Egyptian cotton sheets, ensure you machine is set to a gentle cycle to prevent damaging the sheet’s delicate fibres. Also, use cold water to avoid the fibres shrinking.


Drying Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Never dry Egyptian cotton sheets on the highest setting. Place them in the dryer with either a wool dryer ball or natural dryer sheets and place the machine on tumble dry or low heat. Outdoor clotheslines are also a great option for drying Egyptian cotton.


Should Egyptian cotton sheets be ironed?

While it is acceptable to iron Egyptian cotton sheets, ensure your iron remains on a warm setting to prevent damage to the sheet’s fibres. Also, do not use the iron’s high “cotton” setting.


Other Tips for the Care of Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Use these additional tips along with the proper washing recommendations to ensure the longevity of your Egyptian cotton sheets.

Rotate Sheets Regularly

You should have multiple sets of Egyptian cotton sheets so you can regularly rotate them. This prevents wear and extends the life of your sheets. Despite the comfort and perceived luxury of Egyptian cotton, sheet sets are still fairly affordable.

Replace Single Sheets

If you are on a budget, purchase single sheets as needed. David’s Fine Linens can help you find the best bedding option to suite your budget — whether it’s Egyptian cotton fitted sheets or flat sheets.

Learn How to Make Basic Repairs

Just because you find a tear or a busted seam doesn’t mean a sheet should be thrown away. Basic repairs can be done quickly even if you don’t have a sewing machine. A basic sewing kit or a needle and matching thread is all you need to fix small rips and tears.

Buying Supplies to Care for Egyptian Cotton Sheets on David’s Fine Linens

David’s Fine Linens has all the cleaning supplies and repair materials to keep your Egyptian cotton looking and feeling great. We have a wide range of products, including all-natural detergents and cleaning products, that are ideal for delicate materials.



By taking proper care of your Egyptian cotton sheets, you will ensure a comfortable night’s sleep and save money by not needing to replace those sheets as frequently.